Open World Domination has begun on Mangler – Vox/Naggy DOWN to 40x RI


Update: Vox Pop, Vox Dead 2x … too easy




Quick update, Naggy died today Open World on our first raid day with a medium sized force of 40ish RI members. We mopped up the instance after that




Yael died shortly after that open world as well. We encountered no resistance whatsoever with either of these fights….on a Friday…on the most populated TLP server I’ve ever seen. The pathway looks clear for the RI steamroller and we are just starting to build up some momentum!


We are powering up, and we are recruiting on a limited basis right now!

We are looking for high DPS classes to round out our roster.

Monks, Necros, Wizards are especially needed at this time.

Mangler getting mangled by… Relentless Incompetence? lol

So here we are fresh off the Selos server shit show, looking for something to do while Coirnav slows down to PoTime only clears and some light Ele God farming. And what do we find our members doing??  That’s right, leveling on Mangler lol.


To be fair at first the thought of playing on Mangler made me puke in my mouth a little. But I logged in and witnessed just how packed this server is, and to be honest, a massive EQ population can overcome a lot of flaws. The server is overflowing with players, and new players to the TLP scene at that which is a wonderful thing.


Hearing stories of guilds wiping to Naggy with 110 players though really stirred the warrior spirit within me, and I knew that with over 30 of our Coirnav members already playing on Mangler casually, we had an opportunity for something more. Now we are 60 players strong of our core Coirnav friends who answered the call to arms, and leveling away. I expect in a few weeks we will be chipping away at open world raid content if not sooner!


We are currently in the process of building our ranks, and really only looking to add dedicated competitive players who have not found the open world drive in these other guilds that they were looking for. Our first priority as a guild will always be open world, but we will also clear instances… those being scheduled ahead of time and on a predetermined schedule for those who have lives. We don’t raid 24/7 but we will hit targets outside traditional hours if we can field the numbers. Despite the name, we actually do like our “sleep” too don’t get it twisted.


Please reach out to Defense, Barrt, Mangleroid, Angyll or any member of <Relentless Incompetence> today or anyone in Relentless Insomnia on Coirnav to talk to us about joining the Mangler crew.



The Coirnav crew is still going strong clearing PoTime and Ele gods weekly as well if you are interested just toss an app on our forums!

Change is coming Coirnav, brace yourself!


It is “Time” again folks

As <Relentless Insomnia> continues to soak up as much Elemental and Time Loot as possible in preparation for GoD, we see a changing of the seasons on the horizon for our server. The count down to 54 man raids and fully instanced raiding is nearing closer by the day. As loot starts going to alts or straight up rotting we feel more and more, that the great transition period of EverQuest is upon us.


Autumn Maple leaf transition

For some of us who have been through this transition from PoP to Ldon/GoD countless times we know what this means. Less open world content, less competition, lower numbers in raids, a lot less to raid, and a lot more sleep than we’ve been getting this past year.

For others though…for those who seek competition and the relaxation of 54 man raids, we will have our cake and eat it too. I’ll get to that in a second though.

First lets talk about Coirnav recruitment specifically…

Coirnav Recruitment


Our class needs are minimal however on Coirnav since we will be moving to smaller raid sizes soon, but we have a unique opening for the following:

1 Warrior

1 Cleric

1 Monk

These are classes that have historically been a low need in RI, and while we still have a solid lineup of these classes today, there is an opportunity for players of these 3 classes to make an impact in RI today.



Berserker Class


GoD Heralds the coming of a these melee monsters, and if you want to play one with RI, you best start planning for it now!

If you have desires to play a Berserker for Relentless Insomnia, we are going to be looking to add TWO of them to our roster come GoD. Yes its 5 Months away, but this is when you should start planning for their arrival. If you desire to play a Berserker for RI, than start raiding with us today on any class of your choosing, start earning DKP which can be transferred to the Berserker 100% upon release of the class. Prepare now to hit the ground running in GoD as a full member with a truck load of DKP to spend as soon as you hit lvl 65!



More to come…

So in closing, no matter how you like your EverQuest, there is something for everyone coming soon in Relentless Insomnia.


Look for an update soon on our Mangler server Division!


Mangler is a much more casual server, but will still have a very competitive open world raiding team seeking to dominate the Mangler Server. We look on track to blow the doors off Mangler as well since there is no real competition for open world announced as of yet on that server. Stay tuned for more details but you can apply in our Mangler Applications section on our forums today if you are looking for a classic batphone guild!

20 Years of EverQuest!

aten panties (1)

First off Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from RI!

We’ve been lazy as hell these last few weeks leading up to Christmas, but aside from Christmas Eve and Day when we didn’t raid anything we’ve still been getting shit done even with the skeleton crew.  I don’t think there is a person in the guild that isn’t ready for Planes of Power to drop. Vex Thal is my favorite raid zone. I get shot for saying it round here tho. It might be me, but gimme the dom over the butterfly queen any day.


Bleh…no thx     upscale-236588605026212[1].png

EverQuest survives yet another year and thus I realize, hell.. I’ve been playing this game more than half of my life. That kind of commitment to anything can be hard to find these days. I don’t even think Premier is as addicted to his bottle of scotch as some of us are to EQ, and that is saying something.

So what is in store for us for the 20th Anniversary?  I mean how often to games reach the 20 year mark? Daybreak has a unique opportunity and a good excuse to do some crazy awesome stuff this year, and lets just hope they capitalize on it and really give the community some things they have been asking for…



OH MY… excuse me… what was that sheesh!


And now a word from one of our most loyal members!

Dyrin girl real (1)

We are just better… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We didn’t want to clear all that trash in open world VT for only 3 bosses, and our coth bots won’t be fully ready until this weekend. But then a Christmas miracle… enter The Final Crusade. God how can you not love these guys, they keep making our jobs so easy!

RI scouts saw TFC clearing open world VT trash, and we had everyone wait outside VT for the right moment. Then we zoned in, raced through the fully cleared zone, and stomped all over Thall Va Kelun in a DPS race with 13 less people than the TFC zerg raid.




 TFC had more numbers so I actually was a little surprised we won, so I felt we should have our number crunchers…(and munchers?) analyze the dps breakdown a little more carefully to see how we did… and…behold.





For the record the 7 year old version of myself would have kicked your ass at this game too TFC. Call me the crown prince of vintage pc games… in that even if you did find a way to beat us, our monks …err I mean Allah would just compel us to have you eliminated faster that a nosy american journalist in a Saudi mens bathroom.


bin-salman-saudi[1] (1)